Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Need for Speed

As I settled in to drive the jetski, I could barely keep my hands still as I was shaking all over with excitement. Start and Stop buttons on the left. Acceleration lever on the right. Roger that.

I settled my index and middle fingers on the lever. Pressed a little. Whoa! A little goes a long way. Pressed all the way. Speedometer read 34 mph. I was jumping over the waves... more like taking flight. I couldn't even feel my heart pounding. I was too focused on holding on and steering. I felt the stress on my arms and shoulders as I fought the wind.

Must. Not. Let go. I tried to picture what would happen if I let go... I would be dragged by the hand by the jetski moving on momentum. That little red wrist strap.

I started to relax when I got the hang of it. Yes, I relaxed despite the adrenaline rush. My head was filled with memories... beautiful memories, happy memories. There was no yesterday and tomorrow. There was no this morning and later in the afternoon. I was focused on the moment. A very beautiful fascinating moment of freedom.

I took mental pictures of the horizon, the sky and the shore. 311's Beyond the Gray Sky was in full blast in my head.

I closed my eyes, smiled and faced the sky (like Meg Ryan in City of Angels before she crashed into the truck). I welcomed the bullets of seawater on my face. I imagined the wind blowing what was left of my wet hair. I truly was free.

I opened my eyes and was greeted by stones. No, not stones. Crap, I saw rocks! Boulders and boulders of huge solid jagged rocks. I was approaching the edge of a cliff at the end of the beach.

My mind went blank and I heard myself scream.

Then, everything went dark.

[To be continued...]


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous egoddess said...

ay bitin, ganda pa naman. hope to read the continuation soon.


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