Monday, January 22, 2007

The Francis Aquino Concert

Yes, I'm talking about Alive 2007: Wolfgang-Razorback Concert held last January 6 at Music Museum. Everywhere I go on cyberspace, someone is talking about how he kicked ass that night. I think everyone is making too much fuss over it. Not that there's anything wrong with that... Francis did do some serious ass-kicking and he was all hotness with his jiggly-wiggly manboobs and all. I enjoyed the whole repertoire, actually. Adrenaline was pumping through every inch of me the whole three hours of it. But the thing is, I think the whole point of the concert was overshadowed by... the whole Francis-ness of it all. I realize that while everyone went there to watch his/her favorite band play live again after all those years, everyone went home with Francis' drum beating in his/her head. The satisfaction of seeing the two great bands together was somehow pushed from the limelight, when that is, in fact, what people shoulda left the concert with. Basti's voice and Manuel's strums were muted compared to Francis' beating. I dunno if it's the loudness of it or the comical way he played or what, it just overshadowed everything. I don't think people woulda noticed if Basti, Manuel and Mon walked off the stage one by one. Case in point: he totally stole the show!

Here's another thingamajiggy to prove he did: he's all that's mentioned about the concert in this post. Haha. My brother, who has adored Wolfgang longest than anyone I know, does have a point. If he were THAT good, he would've gotten everyone's attention by blending in with the rest of the band and not showcasing his flabs nor breaking anything in the process of. Well, whatevs. Francis deserves his fifteen-minute of fame, anyway. He's still the best drummer I personally know. And I'm just glad I went that night.

Rock on!


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whoa, you're alive.

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At 5:37 PM, Anonymous katy said...

He's still the best drummer I personally know. And I'm just glad I went that night.

:) glad to having to read such wonderful post. God Lord knows the rest.

no bitter ends.

At 5:37 PM, Anonymous katy said...

glad I've read such wonderful post* :)

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