Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Everybody is Somebody's Fool

I used to believe in love. I still think I do now but I'm not so sure anymore. I just realized that love is merely an abstract excuse people use to justify their irrational moments of weakness and lack of logic. I will, time and again, fall in love with him who would be in love with her who could be in love with him who just might be in love with another him. Well... there lies the funn of it all. I noticed that there's always a particular factor for fascination that makes someone be attached to another. Be it an exceptional talent/passion, fame by reputation, notable kakulitan, profound intelligence, or even the reluctance to commit. It's that fascination that makes people act so foolish. We're all ditzy fangirls whether we admit it or not.

It fascinates me to witness love being expressed and repressed. Ah. How does one know love from lust or fascination or admiration or obssession? It takes real faith not to ask this question and just to believe.

Oh dear God, lead me back to that faith.

It's the winter of my heart again. Boys, like seasons, have come and gone again and again. Yet, I still haven't found what I've been looking for. Or rather, it (HE) has not yet found me. Why I'm all cried out for what couldn't wouldn't shouldn't be is just pathetic. Simply me.


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