Monday, September 18, 2006

My whole purpose in life is just to kiss your ass

Life is one grand popularity show. Whoever strives hardest to please others wins.

If only I let it matter to me, I would be half the corporate tiger those ass-kissing smart asses are. I would be driving home in my shiny white company BMW to my fully-furnished penthouse suite in Astoria. Instead, I walk home under the heat of the sun to my Astoria-gilid apartment. It isn't all that bad once I justify my choices and actions with standing up for my principles and preserving my integrity. Haha. How noble. And depressingly pathetic. Maybe I should start acting more human... More dependent and materialistic and submissive and surreal. Less... rhetorical.

But really. I don't kick the ball towards how I think would elicit a loud applause anymore. I've learned to aim at how I'm certain the ball would hit the goal. Or maybe not subconsciously. But I wouldn't want to take away the fun in the rest of what I have to say by contradicting myself now, would I?

If you asked me, I'd say every man is better off as an island. We've been overlapping and intertwined and scrambled too much that we cannot tell anymore where one ends and the other begins. Our thoughts and emotions have been deeply influenced and saturated with too many external factors that we are already experiencing identity crises without realizing it. All men would be doing human race a favor by building bridges instead of crashing into each other... drowning whoever's weaker.

You believe this and that but do you really or do they? Where's the sense in that? You really should stop living your life by how they react to your every action. Wouldn't it be so interesting to discover a world where people actually have their own opinions and the guts to voice it out regardless if it would give them snotty remarks and raised eyebrows?

Pleasing people can be very exhausting. No wonder you always look so tired. Congratulations, though. You're Little Miss Everybody-Loves-You Barbie.

Dr. House is a hero. He is a manipulative bastard. He got shot because of his compassion (lack of)... But it is in his misery and solitude that he finds contentment and solace. Of course, that's partly because he's fictional and incredibly smart. But... whatever.


At 2:37 AM, Blogger Joel said...

Asteeeg! Galeng nga ni House...
idol ko din yun

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous abi said...

You really should stop living your life by how they react to your every action

I totally agree... pero baka magkagulo sa mundo.. likas na ma-pride kasi mga tao eh.. ayaw na nasasabihan sila ng mali.. hehehe

I hate it how people make their decisions based on what society dictates..

and yes, sometimes I hate myself..


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