Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How to tell you're over a guy

First, go on over to one of your usual hangouts without fear of seeing him and being seen by him. Deliberately miss the chance of seeing him, nonetheless. If God humors you with eventually catching sight of him, shrug and light a cigarette. Pretend to be affected by your friends' teasing of your being a wuss. Go on, order a beer and have funn.

If, perhaps out of courtesy, he makes his presence felt by an SMS, keep in mind that his number is saved as DONT TEXT!!! on your phone for a reason. Return the act of courtesy and neutrally acknowledge receipt of the SMS.

If one of your friends were used by God for the execution of His next joke, remember that profound lesson from Madagascar: smile and wave. Of course, this would be made easier when you wear your shortest pekpek shorts and hot green tank top. Drop a one-liner for effect and dash. If he replied, flash your killer smile, use a filler and make an exit.

It's okay to tell him you realized you missed him after you see him for the first time since the break-up two months ago. It is.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger strandedsoul said...

smile and wave

oks lang basta alang tinga wokoko


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