Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception is the SHIT!

Some dude posted this on Twitter and I just have to say that unless you're African-American, it's just so wrong to use this word in the positive. For us normal people, this is still synonymous to crap or anal excrement or stool. Inception is mosdef not crappy. In fact, it's a film I prolly would be watching ten thousand times once I get a hold of a copy in DVD. If you're not coffee-skinned, don't use gangsta talk please. It's like using the N-word and we were all raised to be politically-correct. Don't disappoint me.

In other news, I was getting my nicotine fix on the 6th and in the absence of human interaction, a thought popped in my head. You know how couples are getting their uni-names these days like Brangelina, TomKat and Speidi? Well, if an assbag and a hoebag hooked up, they'd be called ASSHOE. Haha. I have the sickest way of entertaining myself.

Two years ago, I booked flights to Davao for four. Now, I'm booking flights to CamSur for two and I'm Über excited because this time, I'd only have to worry about spending for one. I kick ass.

Oh, someone in Thailand enjoyed reading my blog. Hello there. [I've been in this cyber-stalking business for so long that I know who reads me. *high five*]


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