Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 47-second Affair

When I realized you were the one on the line, my heart started to flutter and it raised me up to a feeling so high, it was like being drunk and doped at the same time. Your voice was all my ears wanted to listen to... the rest of the world became a sequence in one of Charlie Chaplin's films. Your name slipped from my lips so casually and it felt like we were locked in a sweet sweet kiss. I had to close my eyes because the colors jumped out of objects and became so bright while they shimmered and glimmered. I felt enveloped with pixie dust and the only thoughts in my head were nothing short of happy ones. Time is ever longer in dreams and in that rather short phone call, I was in your arms, breathing in your distinct manly breath, and caressing your stubbly cheek with my soft own. You had no girlfriend. You were mine. Our future involved an intimate wedding on the beach, a 3-bedroom home in the South and babies. We named our baby champ Chase and our little princess Morgan. They grew up loved and sheltered but self-reliant and intent on being productive members of the society. We grew old in our simple beachfront manse and took our last breaths beside each other on the deck.

When we said goodbye, I was brought back to the reality that we could never be more than what we are now. It was lovely, still. I'd rather have had that short moment than not at all. And you would still be the person who makes me happy simply by existing.

What would you do for me my sweet cherubic baby
Ideally way up high and lovely


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