Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am the Flavor of the Month

Hello Canada! I  Canadians. Thank you.

I sort-of have this sort-of love affair with a co-worker. It's the sort-of kind of thing because although we mostly know what goes on in each other's daily lives, we have had a total of three face-to-face interactions (and by interactions, that include our first acquaintance when we talked all about work, our "Devil date" that had us talking for two hours tops because I still had to go to work, and the "Hey!" we exchanged when we crossed each other at the turnstile on my lunch break). I have convinced myself that our sort-of thing has not blossomed because our schedules did not allow us to spend more time together, or so I thought. (Wrong!) It was just nice to think that I lost B because God knew I deserve someone better... I deserve an "Ace". (Even more wrong!) But it was comforting. There was just one hurdle for my little lame fantasy - on top of my list of NOT to date: co-workers. For obvvvious reasons. This has been my self-imposed restriction way before Barney educated us on his Platinum rule.

These days I keep thinking about those times when I succumbed to office romance. At this point, I will not write about why and when and how. Let's focus on what these made me realize for the present. There were only two instances when I tried to mix work and pleasure - the first crashed and burned sooner than I even realized that we were already dating and that I had already dumped him and the second, well, crashed and burned the moment we set off for different careers. The only difference between those times and this time is... I had enough to work with then in convincing myself to give in than what this guy I have come to call Koko Krunch offers. (We were consistently sexting and one day, Poooft! he became Koko Krunch. Gone from the face of the earth.)

While I was taking the 21-day gameplay/strategy into consideration, I realized I just had to accept that he is just not that into me (Thank you, Greg!). I shall not over-analyze nor make excuses for him. I'll take the situation for what it is. And I will give thanks to the universe for making me see what a mess I am getting myself into. Again. I plan to make it big at work. Some dude bragging about our sexts would only jeopardize that. At my age, I don't have the luxury to take a wrong step in the career ladder anymore.

Next issue: Second on  my list of NOT to date: dudes in clubs/bars


At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Edez said...

I'm sure the koko krunch would soon realize it's his lost- not yours..


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