Tuesday, August 03, 2010

They are the answers to my prayers

All great literary works have sections in which everyone and everything that contributed to its completion are acknowledged. This is long overdue but I simply refuse to go on with the rest of my beautiful life not taking the time to tell of the people without whom I would not be my complete awesome self again. (Or at least without whom I wouldn't have whooped my lovely arse back to sanity) No names have been dropped in the lifetime of this blog but such grand post needs to be an exception.

My family. At the end of it all, the first people I can rely on would be you. You took me back when I came running home soaked in tears. I was wrong to let someone talk me into turning my back on you. Yes, we are not perfect. Yes, we are more dysfunctional than the Simpsons. But the Pablos still kick ass for sticking together through all the crap flung our way. Family must and shall come first.

Abigail. Oh dear. I do not know where to start to thank you for. You were the warning and the first aid. You were the voice of my head. Everything I knew I had to do but did not want to accept, you slapped my face with and it was exactly what I needed. Everything I knew I shouldn't do but wanted to, I didn't because you showed me that all it would amount to is zero. You missed work, got sick and who-knows-what and you kick ass for that. You were also the first to patiently listen to me. You never undermined the pain and you took what I felt seriously. You believed and with that faith, I learned to believe too.

Juliefish. Oh dear again. I wonder where you get your constant supply of Pasencia biskwits from. Even I annoy me with my disturbing sanity-flew-out-the-window ramblings. You just keep on answering my calls and replying to my SMS being the good friend that you are. I'm glad we became classmates in Junior year of high school. You truly are my rock. And who can ever forget the La Union trip you invited me to that successfully pulled me out of my Ang lungkot lungkot ko-matose state. You and I shall have more and more secrets to share and we'd be more and more kick ass by the day.

TM Jhe and FIB Wave 36. Guys, you kick ass! TM Jhe and her life anecdotes and offering the company's counselling services. Mark, Franny and Mama Ray and their enduring my drunken drama-rama spectaculah at the flat. Mervs and his One More Chance and It's Called a Break-up Because It's Broken. J.La and her intent listening to my never-ending thoughts all shift long. Di and her "This is not the end of me" mantra. Aeyts, Kit, Sigh and Barbs for simply always being around to give me a pat on the back. You are more than just my colleagues. You are my work siblings.

Joycee and Harly. The now-defunct Sunday Club. The hoebag bashing. The "That girl's so _ _!" in the mall when you see someone fugly. The GSM Blue and Calamansi soda. The swimming-swimming. You gals were the first to give me something to look forward to when I lost all that I knew. Need I say that you kick ass?

Hartemio. When you say you just checked on me because I just might hang myself, you actually aren't exaggerating. Your reply to everything is humor and that humor became my happy pill day in and day out. You're a kick-ass good guy and thank you for not denigrating me to merely someone who used to be your friend's girlfriend.

Mitzi. It took me a while to be okay around you because you were just proof of what I had lost. What I failed to see was you were in the same place too. You missing me made me remember my worth and made me realize I was missing the wrong person all along. You and I would always kick ass, from Alabang to Makati to Galera to BF to wherever.

Bella. If I ever had a therapist, it would be you (except you don't charge two grand per hour of silent observation). You and your psych analyses. You and your positivity. You and your nail buffer. Haha. We are friends because you kick ass too!

These are just the ones off the top of my head. If I failed to remember you, I'm sorry and please let me know right away. I'm hungry and exhausted and very very sleepy.


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