Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm sorry. Not really.

Browsing through Friendster made me realize something, the boy I've always thought to be my Mr. Big lost the love of his life partly because of me.

I had no idea how happy the two of you were and how perfect you were together. Just because he always managed to make his way to me, even when the two of you had supposedly gotten serious. If you were The One, why did he keep me around, noh? What's funny is, your stories are similar to my stories and to others' too. I just dont see what's so special about that. Is it because you tolerated him far longer?

Wala lang. Nabasa ko lang yung testi mo sa kanya, parang napakabitter mo that I was (and still am, by the way) in his life. I'm sorry if you were hurt because of me. I guess you hate me as much as I hate this other girl. Haha. Bilog nga ang mundo.

As I've said, my soul will burn in hell. Yun lang.


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