Saturday, December 01, 2007

Attack of the Smokers

There was this woman the other morning that was so annoyed with cigarette smoke. We were in a jeep stuck in traffic when the driver lit a cig. On an ordinary day, I'd be annoyed myself and tell the driver off but that day, I decided to shut my piehole and be in on the whole annoy-the-old-lady scheme.

The rain had just stopped and the lady struggled to open the plastic drapes of the window. The driver stopped her, telling her it'd get ripped but the woman continued to struggle saying the smoke would trigger her asthma.

Then when the driver was done, the passenger beside him in the front lit one too. The annoyed lady transferred seats. A few yards later, a guy got on and sat beside her. Tadah! He had a lit cig too. I bit my tongue to keep me from giggling from the rather funny situation. I had the urge to light one myself but I couldn't compromise my own principles on smoking in public. I just sat there and enjoyed how the world decided to annoy an already at-her-wits-end whiner. Haha.


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