Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Let me slip away

I teared up uncontrollably as your iPod played Vindicated right on the intersection on Quezon Ave in front of PCMC where he told me he was seeing in him then the things I swore I saw myself. I know it was unfair that I have been hard on myself about crying over you when there I was breaking down at the first memory of him. So I wiped the tears before they fell and you didn't even notice and I was relieved because when we are together, we ARE together.

I've tried to forget, and I've tried to go out and make new memories to eradicate the ones he left me with. It's a plague, I tell you. All that crap we've thrown around about how this is what makes us who we are... is crap. The truth is I can't stand it anymore. It has been over a year, still he remains a ghost in my mind, haunting me in every waking, blinking and unconscious moment. No matter how preoccupied I can be, he hangs around the back of my mind, in places I can't reach, making it impossible for me to throw him out by force. I feel the void. I read my thoughts of our time together, and I can't help but wish our time wasn't up.

I do... I feel the void he left me with... The void I constantly pray you would fill.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous ton said...

dude, if we saw each other more often then maybe i'd have brought you something... but we don't because you never tell me where you're going even when you're just across the street.. am i right or am i right?

and, yeah, maybe I don't care about your whining but I, of course, care about the whiner!

finally, i suppose it's happy anniversary to us. haha

At 10:23 PM, Anonymous cutecheenee said...



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