Friday, August 26, 2016


I am not allowed to contact you or anyone related to you anymore. Well, there really is nothing left to say except "How are you?" I have been praying hard for your happiness and I would love to see you happy. I don't know what God has in store for me and, honestly, I do not worry. I just truly hope that you find what you did not find with me.

I still do not know when I would stop having sleepless nights every time I think of you being in love with someone else. I know that day will come and I will be at peace. For now, I will not deny myself the right to ache at the thought that you have no mind of me anymore.

I miss you more than I miss anyone. Spending 24/7 with you physically and in my heart for five years is not as easy for me to forget as it is for you. I wish I were you right now. I will always wonder at how calloused your heart is that you can turn your back on love. I guess your forgetfulness indeed is your gift. I pray that God blesses you to experience real love and not just the kind of love that eases your lonely soul. I long for you and I think of all the nights when I stayed awake while you slept because I just loved watching you sleep and the stillness of the night and our closeness reminded me to be thankful that I had you in my life.

You were loved more than you thought. I'm sorry you don't realize that my love for you is greater than what I did that hurt you. I am sorry for hurting you and I will continue praying that she can make you happier than I ever could. Just do your part and love her... She will make you happy.


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